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David Grahn

VP - Business Development
Buying a Business
Selling a Business
Launching a Startup

So funny story, after 28 years of working in corporate America I starting looking for a business to buy.  I immersed myself in a very choppy sea of brokers, listing sites, blogs, podcasts (you get the idea).  Along this voyage I found Will and Optics Consulting. The lighthouse symbol on the logo could not have been more appropriate in my case!  The structure of the organization (consulting, brokerage and acquisitions/portfolio) spoke to everything I really wanted to do, and after meeting the partners and understanding the vision, I was very excited to have the opportunity to join the team.

During my working career, I have been involved in sales to small companies up to multi-national conglomerates, marketing, implementing/running profit generating programs, tier 1 supplier development/management, detailed specification of highly engineered products, process improvement, team and personal development, and other areas of general business.  My main passion can be boiled down pretty simply; I excel at working with groups of good people to tackle complex opportunities and challenges.  I like to see/share the vision, collaborate with others to set/achieve objectives, and encourage individuals who also want to build legacy programs.  I was taught early on that people do business with people, very simple and very true.  

If you are looking to buy or sell a company, I'd love to talk.  If you just want to start a conversation without knowing exactly what your next steps might be, I'd love to talk.  Amazing things can start with the simplest of actions.

Away from work I am definitely a family man, blessed with a wonderful wife and three very active daughters.  We are all redheads, we even have a red dog!  We spend a great deal of time at cheer, volleyball, softball and other activities.  We love to travel. I occasionally play some golf, grill out and like to hang out with friends and family.  I love college football and fall is a great time of the year!

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