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Nekio Lane

Design Lead
Buying a Business
Selling a Business
Launching a Startup

As a designer and artist at heart, I enjoy getting to impact the marketing and sales efforts of a business by designing branding assets that set the company apart and allow the company to connect with its customers. Building a logo, a branding guide, a graphic, or any number of marketing assets allows me to make a real contribution to a business while doing what I love to do.

I've studied, worked in, or taught graphic design for the last 10 years. I enjoy getting to lead members of our team in design projects and work directly with business owners to bring their ideas to life. Most of all I enjoy getting to build Optics with a great team of people.

I'm a fan of the Trojans and the Tide, I love traveling and seeing all the beauty our country has to offer, and believe it or not, one of my favorite hobbies is baking cookies. I look forward to connecting with you and helping make your business dreams a reality!

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