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Sell a Business

Selling a business can be a long and choppy process. Having an advisor to lead the way from identifying value to closing the deal will smooth out the journey. Maximize your chance of success by starting that journey with Optics.

We're ready to help

Partner with us and feel confident throughout the selling process. From start to finish, we will capitalize on opportunities and avoid common pitfalls. Sell your business with Optics to cover your bases and secure a big win.

Get a formal valuation of your company using trusted methods. Communicate not only what your business is worth, but why.
Listing & Distribution
Drive attention to your business while maintaining confidentiality. Craft a great business review and summary to attract buyers and find the right fit for your business.
Preparation & Packaging
Create a deal package that helps buyers, their counsel, and their lender understand why your company is a great fit. Prepare for buyer diligence to secure the win.
Buyer Negotiation
Secure the best deal for your business. Settling with buyers on good terms is our top priority.
Save time and money on closing. Have our experts and legal partners get you off the closing table with solid agreements and minimal fees.

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